new year, new space

The beginning of this new year has inspired me to look around and not only review the year just past but re-examine my current physical space. This conscious pause,  spurred on by the onslaught of home decor catalogs I received during the holidays, causes me no small amount of depression and angst—I have too much stuff and not enough space or money!

Deciding to focus on the positive, I culled items from a CB2 catalog (a younger, more modern sibling to Crate & Barrel) to see how I’d put a knitting/craft/design studio together after falling in love with some of the industrial chic items they’re now offering. And the end result is…

My CB2 dream work/studio space

How great would this room be? I’ll be using my visualization techniques more often to dream up new possibilities.

In the meantime, I’ve moved some things around in my current place to breathe new life into the space—and it worked! A fresh orientation is a cheap but cheery way to greet the new year.

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