toddlers + scissors

I finally picked up my long forgotten Waves of Grey shawl this past weekend, determined to finish it. I wanted to work with my hands for the sheer fun of it (no gifts or a project for my store Tangled Loops) and the shawl WIP had been waiting patiently long enough.

I got one little wave done before my toddler woke up from his nap. Not to be forestalled, I brought it into the playroom and started weaving in all the many ends in the back—if I wasn’t going to get anywhere knitting it, I could at least very well clean it up!

Then I got called away to help with dinner prep and didn’t think about the allure of my lovely gold scissors to a rapt little boy watching mommy cut yarn. Ten minutes later, he runs into the kitchen with the baby scissors wrapped around his chubby little fingers and a proud smile across his face. He brandishes a suspicious strand of yarn in his other hand and shouts, “Look mommy! I did it!”

Alarm bells immediately go off in my head and I walk him back to the playroom. I’m hoping he just snipped at the already cut ends I’d left on the couch and asked him if he’d cut into the shawl. No response. Evasive maneuvers. When I asked if he got the yarn from the already cut pile, he gives me an ambiguous yes and runs off. I look at my shawl and it looks to be ok, so I breathe a sigh of relief.

Until that evening, when I pick up my shawl to resume my work and I discover a hole. A very obvious snipped hole. And I start to laugh. Because all I could think of was his adorable pride in doing what mommy did and his vague guilt when he realized he might be in trouble. Besides, as my husband pointed out, I should never have left scissors around him (I definitely won’t here on out)! Silver lining: I can darn the hole and now when I wear the shawl, it will forever remind me of my little guy.


My son’s handiwork.


My handiwork—second to last row!

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