My name is Tami. You can find me & my knitting on ravelry as loopmag.

By day, I am an art director & graphic UX designer at Tea Collection, a children’s fashion design company. In spare moments, I indulge my knitting obsession and love of all things craft. I enjoy the texture, the colors, the designing and the making. And, usually, I delight in the finished garment.

I am a dabbler and a night owl. This leads to many late night craft and design adventures that I’ll chronicle here.

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  1. Joohyon says:

    Hi! Remember me? Just wanted to pop in and say hi and how I love that you love knitting crafts and design. Me too! Although I’m not great at any of them. Haha. Love that you blog too. I’ll have to look you up on ravelry! Hope you are well!

    • tamitk says:

      Hi Joohyon, long time! Hope you’re well too—perhaps we can catch up in person (and knit!) next time I’m out visiting the fam.

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