I will be adding more designs to this page, but I hope you enjoy what I have available for now!

{ henry vest }
a simple, modern zippered vest for him

{ owlie laptop sleeve }
a felted knit laptop sleeve with an owlish look

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  1. jolie says:

    I’m getting a little stymied by the way the Henry Vest pattern is written. I really like the shaping using short rows, but I’m a little confused by the part that follows. The back says to knit five inches in St st after the short rows (although it’s not clear if that’s 5″ from the cast on or from the last W&T row) and then a few lines later says to knit in CC for 3.25 from provisional cast on. I thought it might be an error, but the instruction is repeated for the front sections. Also, are the increases for the armholes every row or every RS row?

    • tami says:

      Hi, so sorry for the late reply. Thanks for pointing out some of the confusing language in my pattern. I’ve updated the pattern to make the instructions clearer but, to answer your questions here: knit 5″ from CO row; knit in CC for 3.25″ more of St st starting from the color switch; and the increases for the armholes should be for every RS row. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and happy knitting!

  2. Michelle says:

    I really like the Henry Vest pattern. I have worked the back down to the armholes and have picked up the stitches for the front from the provisional cast on. I’m confused about the short row instructions for the front. They look like they have been mostly cut and pasted from the instructions for the back, but the front seems to be knitted in two separate pieces. Are we supposed to mentally pretend the front is in one piece and follow the directions, ignoring the fact that we are changing yarns when we move from one side of the front to the other? I think that is what you probably intend, and I think I can do it correctly, but since I have never worked short rows on the front of a garment before I’m a little nervous about doing that without asking first whether I’m on the right track. Thanks!

    • tamitk says:

      Hi Michelle, Your guess was correct—knit the front in two separate pieces like they were one piece other than for the change in yarns when going from one side to the other. Thanks for working with my pattern—I’d love to see your vest once you’re done!

  3. Verna says:

    I have another question about the front. I worked each side as written but, then I’m unsure about how to handle the next section that says “At the same time, once # inches of St st from provisional cast-on row has been worked…Do you mean the area we’ve just been knitting forming the shoulder shaping??? It would be nice if you included more pictures or a better schematic explaining these areas. Other than that I’m really enjoying the pattern.
    Also, there are no instructions for the color changes below the wide band of CC. I just repeated the top rows.

  4. Tere says:

    Really like the Henry vest and trying to complete for my dad’s Xmas present. The zipper installation instructions have me stuck. I don’t understand your instructions on this. Is there a simpler way of sewing in a zipper. What length zipper do I use, and are you supposed to fold down edges of vest before basting zipper?

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