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A good friend recently returned from NY and, as a souvenir, gave me a bar of chocolate. It hailed from Brooklyn and read “Mast Brothers Chocolate” with this particular bar sourced from the Dominican Republic.

It was gorgeously wrapped in a heavy, uncoated paper printed with a pattern reminiscent of vintage book endpapers. The chocolate itself was delicious—like fine wine, in fact, with a sophisticated depth of flavors. It wasn’t cloyingly sweet (like most available chocolates that I think do this to hide their flavor flatness/blandness). I savored every bite.

Just today, I discovered a video (via Honest Fare) on the two brothers who are the craftsmen behind this chocolate. They talk about their process and the video really gives a good sense of the care and dedication with which they approach their chocolate-making and -selling craft (each bar is hand wrapped!).

The Mast Brothers
from The Scout on Vimeo

And here is a picture of the packaging which I’d saved (along with a package from a different chocolate—also good but trumped by Mast Brothers Chocolate):

It’s inspiring to witness their quiet passion and the level of detail on which they focus. Amazingly, all of these qualities are conveyed through their packaging.

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