My crafting crew decided to do a weekend getaway for a craftcation in the woods. It was a weekend dedicated to girlfriends and crafts, good food and drink.

We holed up in a delightful cabin, tastefully decorated in hip, mid-century decor, with picture windows to the woods along the Russian River. For our food, we had each signed up to cook two meals or provide beverages and it worked out to be a gastronomic adventure, even with a variety of different dietary requirements amongst us (vegans, gluten-free, etc). One friend noted she hadn’t eaten so much delicious salad in her life.

The range of options didn’t stop at food either. Everyone brought something different to focus on for the weekend—from weaving and decorative mending, painting and sketching (by hand and on the computer), sewing, hair-clip making to, of course, knitting! The weekend was a feast for all senses and I’m looking forward to the next craftcation, whenever that might be.



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