the artful drape

Here it is, in the middle of a freezing California winter downpour, and I am itching to knit with laceweight yarns to create light, ethereal tops and tunics perfect for spring. It was all inspired by two books—Drape Drape and Drape Drape 2 by Hisako Sato.

The gorgeous covers of these Japanese sewing books immediately caught my eye:

Sculptural and full of timeless and current fashion (cropped/capri harem pants anyone?), I immediately started to think of how to apply some of the techniques and silhouettes for knitting projects.

A top and a dress from Drape Drape

A top to be made with a lovely, slub-y lace or fingering weight yarn, maybe in a silk/linen blend. And though the dress would be rather unflattering for anyone who isn’t a beanpole, I loved the details: the twisted straps, the gathering point at the low back V.

A vest from Drape Drape 2 and a top from Drape Drape

This vest combines everything I love in a design—form meets function and artful drapes become pockets. I wonder about the halter neck and its feasibility on a handknit vest but I imagine it could grow a little higher to become a small shawl-like collar with stitches picked up along the bottom edge and knit down to create the back. A short-sleeve top in a now familiar silhouette but with a slight ruching detail added.

Maybe if I start now, I could have one of these done by the time spring does roll around!

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