Waves of Grey Shawl

Weeks of being sick does no good for one’s blogging or knitting projects (amongst other things!). I’m slowly on the mend and bought myself a new toy—a Nikon D600 DSLR. It’s been decades since I really photographed in earnest but photographing digitally with a real camera and lens set-up has sparked my interest again.

So of course I had to take a shot of my latest WIP—the Aranami Shawl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. It was a pattern that caught my eye in PDX and is an easy, bite-size project. I can finish one of the 45 triangles that make up the shawl in about 30 mins so I feel like I’m making slow but tangible progress.

The cones of yarn I bought from Yarnia have been working beautifully for this pattern—not only do I get the slow changes of color value but I love the play of textures with each change in yarn.


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