home sweet home

The hubbie and I bought a house, moved out of our old place and got overloaded with unexpected repairs at almost every turn—painting, replacing doors, windows, walls and rotten wood, repairing the roof.

Life is barely returning to a normal rhythm. Originally, I gave myself a week, thinking I’d easily unpack and find the perfect spots for all our things. That turned into a month. Then two. And here I am nearly six months later and still surrounded by boxes.

But, rather than achieving “perfection”, we’re learning to take our time to adjust and return to the things that give us joy. And so, I’m finally getting back into knitting again. I’ve uploaded my second written pattern—a felted knit laptop sleeve that somehow turned out a bit owlish looking:

A quick and simple knit using mixed materials, great to use up leftover yarn in the stash or to knit up a last-minute gift.

It feels great to be flexing my knitting muscles again!

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